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Welcome to Pamoja na. In Swahili, the word "pamoja na" means together, inclusion. The fashion experience of the brand is inspired by the artist's impression of inclusivity and division that can exist among people. The vivid colors represent our various cultures, genders, ages, races, religions, and lifestyles that when blended together in a harmonious flow, create a kaleidoscope of unsurmountable beauty.


Mission and Vision

Our mission is to create versatile and sustainable wearable art. Our clothes are designed to not only be worn in multiple looks from the beach to the boardroom or ballroom but also reversible and double-sided.  Our Pamoja na reversible cape, kimono, and IDK skirt are great examples of this design concept and our mission. 

The Artist and
Fashion Designer

After decades of serving the nonprofit sector, Felina Martin has reinvented herself to pursue her childhood dream of becoming a fashion designer.  As a teenager, she started in the fashion industry by teaching herself how to sew and working for legendary retailers, Gayfers, JC Penney, and Macy's. While in college, she launched a ladies' consignment shop that sold gently worn designer clothing and accessories.


Since launching in 2023, her work has been shown in galleries, and publications, and worn on the fashion runway.  Inspired by her love of color, community, and culture, she designs clothing that originates from her impression of diversity, equity, and inclusion reflected in her paintings. The combination of art, fashion, and a cause has given birth to the wearable art brand,

Pamoja na.


Using her original art as the basis, she transposes the work onto fabric, leading to another dimension of art: fashion design. With the use of the latest technology, the artwork is transferred to fabric which Felina then uses to design and sew original garments. The wearable art is also imprinted on pre-designed clothing through a partnering manufacturer.  Felina is a proud military brat and graduate of the University of West Florida with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration.

Pamoja na has showcased at the following:

Augusta Fashion Exposition

Orlando Fashion Week 

Chattanooga Fashion Expo (2023 Design Winner)

Westobou Art Gallery

Runaway Rewind, Columbia Museum of Art

"Augusta Love" on display at the office of State of Georgia Representative Lynn Gladeny

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